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Thief - Two New Interviews

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-25 01:22:22

The first interview is from Press-Start with Thief’s Game Director Nicolas Cantin, and PR Manager Adam Phillips.

Diego: How long can players expect the main story to last?

Nicolas: It’ll really depend on your play style. If you want to open all the drawers to get every bit of loot, you’ll really extend that experience. After every mission you can go to the city hub and explore wherever you want or take side quests. From these things it can be extended. The main campaign isn’t something we can put a number on. We want the people to be able to finish the main story whilst still providing something else for the collectors. If you’re always crouching within the shadows, then it’ll definitely take you longer.

Adam: There’s also replay value with the leader boards and at the end of every chapter, you would’ve seen that you get a % grade. You might see that you only collected 10 percent of loot and that might inspire you to go back and try to get more. I don’t know if you saw it but we also have collectible loot. Some people who might not consider themselves collectors, but once you get 3 and see that you only have 2 left, your opinion might change.

The city hub is really a change of pace from the rest of the gameplay. You can explore as much as you want, or not explore as much as you want. Eidos Montreal are all about value for money. If you look at a game like Deus Ex, it’s an absolutely huge game. If you want to finish the story missions, then you can do it quicker but hopefully we’ve created a world that you’ll want to spend more time in and fall in love with. It comes back to giving gamers options. If you’re forced into something it’s always going to be less fun, if a developer provides options then it’s going to be a better

The second interview is from Capsule Computers with Game Director Nicolas Cantin.

The thing that struck me when first starting up a campaign on this build was the depth of the options in the ‘Custom’ difficulty setting. You have really provided the player with every possible option to cater to their exact, desired gameplay experience.

We wanted to add a lot of things like that from the beginning, and more and more as we’re advancing, and more and more we’re seeing the feedback from the fans we thought, “okay, this’ll really please them”. We want to make sure that it’s your own experience. We want them to jump in the game and have a cool experience, but we don’t want to force things. We also added all this customisation, in part, as a PC homage.

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