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Legends of Eisenwald - Developers Diary #3

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-25 01:40:04

Aterdux Entertainment has posted the third Developer Diary for Legends of Eisenwald.

Developers diary # 3: Thousand little things and a few bosses

The closer we are approaching the end of development the more we have llittle things which we have to add or fix on the time. This week team priority slightly shifted to fixing numerous fixes. Anyway, game development is a funny thing you can say quite a lot about.

Thousand of little things.

Nicolay and Dmitry have been adding scenario-related pictures. Dmitry had to fix bugs on Windfeld map and synchronize additions and edits made by or script-writer Victor.

You can congratulate Dmitry because he did a great job — he finished all bosses models in the game.

The necessity to divide joint “Legends of Eisenwald” project file to 25 thematic formed parts for correct job allocation between team members who finished their tasks became top priority for Nicolay.

Denis who is pretty busy with editor deveopment also had to spend some time on thousand things. So we are going to add to the game’s events system additional control of character presense in the squad because existing control was not enough. And of course we had to clean-up editor interface from useless for user elements, add neccessary functionality and hints. So, do you guess what we are talking about? :)

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