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Kingdom Come: Deliverance - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-25 01:49:19

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has a new update talking about the games history. Now I will only be posting a small bit of the article so make sure you read the rest of it.

Time to take destiny in our hands

We stand here before you and ask for your support, without which our game really can’t get done. Someone told us that Kickstarter is the last, desperate step and if it didn’t work out we're really screwed and nobody would give us the time of day. That’s obviously true. But, if it works out, it's probably the best, most appealing way to develop the game – directly for the fans themselves, without secrecy, lies and censorship, in collaboration with them and without taking orders from people who don’t even play games and don’t understand them.

Had we failed, it would have been a pretty clear signal that you’re not interested in a game like this and we wouldn’t waste more years of further effort. But now it looks more like the publishers made a big mistake and interest in the kind of game we're doing is enormous, for which we are of course extremely grateful.

It's great that in this day and age it’s possible to get something new out there without having to deal with the select few with a monopoly on reason. Only two years ago, Warhorse would most probably not be around any longer in a situation like this, or we would have developed an action adventure and shoe-horned some dragons into it in mid-development. So thank you for your support! Thank you sincerely!

I also have two interviews if you feel like reading or watching more.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

RPS: Why Kickstarter? Do you really think you’ll be able to make enough money to fund something this enormous?

Vávra: There was always a chance to self-publish the game. Our colleagues from Prague, Bohemia Interactive, do it successfully all the time. We were always thinking of that as a possibility. After long negotations, things always slowed down to a crawl with marketing and upper level executives at publishers. They were too afraid to take risks. People who played games liked it, but we couldn’t get things to go faster. So we decided to self-publish.

This isn’t a PR stunt or anything. It really is, if we don’t get the money, it’s game over.

But there is a trick. We have a very strong private investor, but he’s from outside the gaming industry [UPDATE: Turns out, it's Zdenek Bakala, one of the richest people in the entire Czech Republic]. He doesn’t understand games. It’s a little bit unusual, probably. But he would be willing to finance the whole game if he sees some commitment. So we agreed with him that if we go to Kickstarter and get just a fraction of the sum we need – which is about $500,000 – he will

PC Games Hardware has a video interview.

The developers at Warhorse Studios presented their project Kingdom Come: Deliverance to us. The RPG that is set in the Middle Ages is developed by some ex-Mafia developers and it relies on authentic worlds and gorgeous graphics, thanks to CryEngine 3 - it's slated for 2015 for PC and next-gen platforms. We have interviewed Daniel Vavra, the creative director of War Horse, and he shares some insights for the the game.

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