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Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Updates #4 & 5

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-25 03:57:19

Warhorse Studios has two more updates today for Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Update #4 - "Stretch goals"

You have taken our campaign literally by storm, we never expected to raise our goal in the first 36 hours. But we can always do better and there are things we can do to make Kingdom Come: Deliverance go further.

Our investor is as happy as we are and he confirmed that he will keep his part of the bargain. This means that every penny will go into making the game better. We can hire more people, use better technologies, record live music, and hire top actors. Somebody told us to hire Sean Bean for voiceovers. Yeah, we would love to, he is awesome, but we will need some serious cash to afford such famous names and the more we raise, the higher the chance this will happen.

So here is the list of things we would like to do with the extra money we raise.

Update #5 - "New tiers"

We were surprised how fast the Emperor tier sold out. Is seems that some people really wanted to own some sword. Many people also wanted to contribute more and used the Pope tier – that was a pleasant surprise. For these reasons we added three new tiers:

  • The Wenzel der Faule backers will get a sword. However, we want the first backers to have something unique, so while the Emperor tier swords will carry unique inscriptions, the Wenzel swords will be all alike. And because we don’t have unlimited supply of churches, the Wenzel tier backers will get their conciliatory cross instead of a church portrait. The conciliatory cross is a medieval artefact, especially in Central Europe, whereby a criminal could reconcile with his victim by paying a compensation and erecting a cross. Finding conciliatory crosses is going to be an achievement in our game and they will carry names of the Wenzel der Faule tier backers.
  • The Illuminatus and Saint tiers are intended for the people with lot of money and no better way of spending them. The swords for these tiers are going to be hand-and-a-half, i.e. so called Bastard swords. They will be of the highest quality, hand-made, individually forged beautiful weapons with personalized inscription. Beside the sword you will also get a hand-painted shield decorated with the coat-of-arms of a noble family related to the game story. You will also get billing in the game credits.
  • The Saint tier backers will moreover get their own statues in the in-game churches, with their name on it. And they will get an amazing two day tour through the real-world locations where our game takes place. There will be a professional historian/archaeologist to point out the historical connections and you will be able to visit places that are normally off limits to tourists.

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