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Bound By Flame - Witch Companion Edwen

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-26 01:18:58

Lightning Gaming News has some details about a witch called Edwen. She is one of the companion NPCs who will join you in Bound By Flame.

While we did spot this character in the recent barrage of concept art released by Spiders Studios, the developers have only now chosen to reveal a bit more about the mysterious female companion in their combat RPG Bound by Flame. First off, Edwen is a powerful witch, so expect plenty of magic-based attacks and spells in her arsenal; she can event turn into a real fury in combat.

While not much has been revealed about her past, we do know that although she is an ally of the protagonist, she carries an intense hatred for the Lords of Ice and is motivated by her own quest for vengeance and retribution. Furthermore, she propounds that the main character harness the demonic powers and utilise it as a means to his own end, instead of embracing his humanity.

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