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Shadowrun Returns - Beta Patch 1.2.0 Available

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-26 01:23:01

The promised Beta patch for Shadowrun Returns that fixes the games save system is now available for testing. Here are the details off the games forum.


Version 1.2.0 contains our new and improved save game functionality, including the ability to save in the middle of scenes.

BEFORE ACCESSING THIS BETA, PLEASE BACK UP ANY SAVE FILES AND UGC CONTENT (just in case). We’ve gone through extensive testing internally, but if you encounter a problem we haven’t found, you’ll want your old save game files so you can recover.

Backing up save files and UGC (Steps 4-5 are for UGC creators only)
1) Create a folder to store backup of save files (anywhere is fine).
2) Click here to locate save files for your operating system.
3) Copy any files into your backup directory created in Step #1.
4) Locate “working copy” of content packs for your operating system.
5) Copy the entire “ContentPacks” folder into your backup directory created in Step #1.

We have begun public beta testing for the next update. This is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL, but if you'd like to try out the latest and greatest before it's available to the rest of the world, here's how you can participate:
1) Go to Steam Library
2) Right click on Shadowrun Returns
3) Select Properties
4) Select Betas
5) Then a drop down says: "Select the beta you would like to opt into"
6) Choose: Public Beta

You should see some 'updating' traffic as Steam fetches new files for Shadowrun Returns.

If you ever want to opt out of the Public Beta and return to the normal public build that everyone else has, you can repeat the process above and choose NONE from the drop down list.


Before reporting a bug please read the know issues section of this post, if you are unable to find a bug listed that matches what you are experiencing then leave a comment in this thread. Include as many details about the bug including the steps you took to produce this bug.

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