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Thief - Preview Roundup

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-27 04:44:51

Here are some new preview for the next Thief game.

Strategy Informer

Some Thief series fans may still be worried, but this fan is optimistic. The story and the overall experience will be key to whether the game succeeds or fails, but I get the feeling that Eidos Montreal are pulling out all the stops to make Thief a great game. Just remember: everyone expected Deus Ex: Human Revolution to fail too and it ended up superb. 


I was terrified that Thief was going to be another blockbuster style reboot, all style and no substance. The storyline at the beginning gave strength to my concerns, until I remembered I never really gave a shit about the story in Thief games. When you finish a game like Thief, you don't sit down to talk about the narrative. You talk with your mates about how you used a water arrow on one torch and a fire arrow on another to confuse some guards while you stole a necklace. Or how you managed to finish lockpicking a door mere moments before a guard returned on his patrol.


So what we have is a remake that takes the spirit of the original and gives it a mechanical and graphical facelift. What I played was tight, enjoyable, and very intriguing. There is enough here in the core game, plus more than enough customisation options, to appeal to both first timers and series fans alike.


It's very clear that the developers at Eidos Montreal spent the last year looking at their game and fine tuning it with fan feedback and criticisms in mind. Even after his long absence, Garrett still has got some neat tricks up his sleeve. If you're of an open mind and willing to try out this new take on a classic series, you may find more to like about it than you think.

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