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Mage's Initiation - Post-funding Update #33

by Myrthos, 2014-01-27 15:53:12

Update number 33 for Mage's Initiation brings more information on the development progress.

As a result, the past few weeks have seen a phenomenal amount completed, both design and coding wise. Here are just a few of these achievements:

  • The Priestess' Palace labyrinth, assembled over an eye-watering span of just two days, is now fully navigable and ready to be explored. 
  • It’s in this very maze that we can now meet a collection of our esteemed backers… bodiless and bloodied, they are a worthy addition to the treacherous Amun-Cul’s collection.
  • Evoker tier backers have begun to make an appearance as full-bodied sprites and we are determining where these extras can appear in-game. In both cases, much painstaking work has been undertaken to ensure that the likeness of said backers is captured as accurately as possible. 
  • The palace of Amul-Cul now contains a mural room, which must be solved… in additional to an intriguing, intuitive, puzzle-driven treasury room where not all is as it seems.
  • D’arc’s non-combative spells have undertaken some serious refinement. He can now float (as an Air Mage) and a particle system has been implemented to accommodate his Jet spell (Water Mage).
  • The crossing of the lake, an enchanted expanse which must be navigated in a certain way, is now fully scripted… another incredibly speedy accomplishment.
  • A major redesign of the puzzles leading up to the Priestess’ palace has meant a more immersive experience for the player. A new character has been added, and those originally included to be mere traders now have a much greater role in the storyline. 
  • The boss battle for Act 1, and its relevant combat strategies, are being diligently coded as we speak.
  • An insane amount of art assets for Act 1 have been completed and now look unbelievably awesome in-game.

Then there is info on the goodies for Kickstarter pledgers, being close to the top 100 in Steam Greenlight and there is also a video to watch showing the work in progress on the watelands region.


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