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Subterranea - A New Fantasy Turn-Based RPG

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-27 21:54:28

Subterranea is a new fantasy turn-based RPG being developed by a one man studio called Cloud Nine Games. The developer describes his inspiration for the game below

Undoubtedly, my biggest CRPG inspiration is Pool of Radiance, an absolute classic from the Gold Box series by SSI. I misspent many hours of my youth, with a mate, trying to liberate Phlan. So what did I enjoy about PoR? Creating your own party – each and every character. The in-depth tactical combat, where character position really mattered (i.e. blocking doorways with fighters and putting wizards out of harm’s way). The story, the intrigue of the council, the classes, monsters and items all made for a classic D&D CRPG experience.

If you're interested in the story here is a snippet of the plot.

Your party has answered the call and are gathered in the entry room of Gimlet Hall. You and the other adventuring parties eye each other nervously – will you help or hinder each other? A staff strikes the marble floor, the two massive doors swing open and a guard summons you to be addressed by the cabal…

I even have a few videos you can check out with more promised to come. The first video shows off some pre-alpha gameplay. The second video shows off the games character creation.

Well that's all if you have any questions the developer uses the name JMab on the RPGWatch forums.  Just visit his game thread here. Stay tuned for future news of a possible crowdfunding campaign, and other news.

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