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Legend of Erthia - Combat Poll

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-28 02:09:20

The developers of Legend of Erthia have a new poll on Facebook to see what type of combat players want in the game.

Just out of curiosity. What do you guys prefer?

Option 1: Creatures on the map following the heroes and when touched battle is activated, but is limited to showing one sprite and generating a battle of 100% the sprite on the map (creature) and then 2 other randomly selected creatures in the area. Creatures would respawn over time.

Option2: Battles will be randomly generated similar to MM2 (I think that is how it worked not 100% sure, haven't played it) by walking on the map and is more realistic in terms of random creature generation. This option wouldn't affect respawning but will give more loot and exp. Also, encounter rates won't be every 2 step but at a decent rate. Of course, main creatures such as guardians, quest creatures, and the such will still have sprites on the map.

Remember, combat is still a bit different than Might and Magic in terms of encounters. The battles still have to be activated.

So which option do you prefer, option 1 or option 2?

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