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Skyrim - Mod Guide @ OverlordGaming

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-28 02:12:18

OverlordGaming has a new article with a guide to help people mod Skyrim.

With the Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG several months away, gamers are filling the gaps between their beta session times by revisiting the last Elder Scrolls release, known as TES V: Skyrim.

Now with three official DLCs and over two years of user third party mods available, Skyrim has set a high benchmark for both ESO and the yet unconfirmed TES VI.

Today I am going to discuss various mods and tweaks that I use and have used for the majority of my Skyrim playing. Subjects to be covered are graphics, audio, game play, monster diversity, AI/Intelligence, convenience (e.g. horses that follow you while you’re on foot, and horses for companions) and much more. The guide will be broken down into three parts with the first two covering a visual overhaul.

Before we get started, lets mention where you will find the majority of the data and files, which is at the Skyrim Nexus. Here will be available to you all manner of user made mods, of which you can search by various categories or directly by name. There is also a manager for your modifications, aptly titled Nexus Mod Manager which is available from the front page. Please note that downloads of over 2mb in size require a user to be logged in. The registration is free.

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