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The Banner Saga - Review Roundup #5

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-28 02:40:20

The reviews for The Banner Saga keep popping up so here is the fifth roundup.

Capsule Computers -  9/10

Overall, The Banner Saga is a top-notch tactical RPG that any fan of the genre would be ill-served to pass by. An excellent story is accented by wonderful writing. The game looks comparable to some of Disney’s most beloved works, allowing Stoic to flex its visual design muscles, and an engrossing soundtrack from Austin Wintory further drives an excellent experience. Combat and character progression are thoughtful and satisfying, as are the Oregon Trail-like caravan sections of the game. Though it’s still early in the year, I feel confident in saying The Banner Saga by may well be one of 2014′s top tactical experiences. The decision to pass it by should not be taken lightly

DarkZero -  7/10

The Banner Saga offers a good look into the world Stoic has created for this three-part adventure. It’s a depressing, but beautiful tale of survival against all odds, one that creates a developed plot and theme without degrading the characters or world to appear mature. The Banner Saga also doesn’t outstay its welcome, with a short campaign and some interesting decisions that help combat some of the problems with its battle system. The Banner Saga’s first chapter opens a window to the potential this series has, but now Stoic need to work on solving the issues for the sequel so that this series can become a truly great strategy RPG.

HonestGamers -  9/10

My second playthrough is complete. I didn't do great -- I still feel pretty awful about some of the things I've had to do, the sacrifices I've had to make. People died, but the world is ending, and the sun has vanished. The Banner Saga offers you the chance to survive; it just doesn't make it easy. But I'm ready to do it all again. I hope I can do better. I know I won't.

BiogamerGirl -  No Score

The Banner Saga is a great strategy RPG that has been released at a time when there are very few options available to challenge it. The game may be too pricey for some gamers, but anyone willing to drop the money to download the new release will not be disappointed. The game features a great storyline, challenging combat, interesting ideas and some of the best hand-drawn art that has been seen in the history of the industry. The Banner Saga's storyline may bum you out, but you definitely won't regret purchasing this new release.

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