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Lichdom - Technology in Game Art

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-29 02:47:30

Xaviant has a blog post from last month that I missed for Lichdom.

Making great art, quality software, or engaging gameplay… each of these is challenging enough by themselves. So, it stands to reason that combining these disciplines into a single medium is not only vastly more compelling, but also vastly harder to do. Juggling the competing priorities, desires, and dependencies of all the smart and talented people brought together by a game production is made even more complex by dramatic differences in interpretation, language, and philosophy. These difficulties give rise to unique disciplines in game production, such as Tech Art.

My name is Raymond Stewart and I am the Lead Technical Artist at Xaviant. My role on Lichdom is to help the Art Department fulfill the vision of Art Direction within the constraints of Engineering’s technical requirements, and demands of scope driven by Production and Design. This requires enough awareness in each of those disciplines to facilitate communication, best practices, and management of dependencies that lay at the core of integrating Art production into what is really a software product.

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