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Thief - Interview @ Stevivor

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-29 02:54:27

A site called Stevivor interviewed Thief’s Game Director Nicolas Cantin.

From the moment he walked into the darkened South Melbourne venue, Nicolas Cantin (above) was all about Thief. That’s really not a surprise when you consider he’s been working on the reboot of the iconic franchise since 2008. There’s no doubt about it, the man is passionate.

Still, passion doesn’t always result in a great game being produced at the end. Since we’ve started seeing more and more of the game, die-hard Thief fans seemed to become more and more concerned. Hysteria was at its peak when fans learned that the new game would feature an XP system that would reward players for killing, among other actions. The system was quickly scrapped, but their seemed to be an air of distrust from fans towards Eidos Montreal when all was said and done.

Sitting down with Cantin, my first question was of course about the pressures of producing a game that’s balanced for the die-hard fans as much as it is for newcomers to the series.

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