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Original Sin - Previews

by Myrthos, 2014-01-29 12:24:58

Here are a few more previews for Divinity: Original Sin.

The first is from Games.On.Net

...it is a slice that invites you to view it from multiple angles and sides. Because Original Sin is a game made for the quick savers and quick loaders. Crafted for the curious and the completionists. For the tinkerers, thinkers and boundary pushers. Built for the sole purpose of being bent and broken, and watching how divergent the results can become. So while it may not be as inviting an early taste as the emergent, systemic survival games that thrive on the iterative process, Original Sin is, perhaps, the most fitting to bear Steam’s Early Access title. An early taste at a game in the process of being fleshed out and fixed, so that come release the curious at heart can break it in far more brilliant, entertaining ways. Even now? It’s a promise perilously close to being delivered.

The second is part 2 of Jesse Cox's video preview.

The third is another video on Gametrailers.

And lastly Gizorama checked out the game as well.

Despite some minor early-access glitches (the occasional crash, typos and placeholder text, a lack of customization options), Divinity: Original Sin shows an awful lot of promise. The combat should scratch anyone’s Baldur’s Gate itch, and the amount of freedom and customization it offers should offer anyone looking for a respite from the march of ‘me-too’ Skyrim/Dragon Age clones a damn good time. Even for someone like me who gets all nervous and sweaty when asked to pick out their starting stats.



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