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Kingdom Come: Deliverance - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-30 01:21:17

An IGN Editor by the name

When developer Warhorse Studios recently showed their game Kingdom Come: Deliverance to media outlets, they explained all the options available to your protagonist. You can explore a large open world, create your own weapons, build relationships with characters (including seducing the local ladies), lead an army, and even customize your armor and play style. Yet there is one option that isn't available: a female avatar. The absence of a female protagonist in light of a customizable hero (as opposed to a preset one) seems rather puzzling, but Warhorse Studios insists that Kingdom Come: Deliverance is meant to be as true to life as possible, and a chevalière simply isn't "realistic."

Next a german site called combobreaker interviewed Warhorse Studio.The site provided an English script for those that can't read German.

CB: How did you agree on the title? Is there a background?

Dan V á vra: During the time in playing our game, people believed that the end of the world would take place very soon. Many revolutions started because the people believed that the end is near and if they would do something, it would come faster. Or would it go to heaven. Our game is about these days. Therefore, Kingdom Come ("Thy Kingdom Come" from the Lord's Prayer, editor's note). And Deliverance (liberation) because our game is about also. From physical liberation of a character by our hero, and the inner liberation of our protagonists.

CB: How will you story and sandbox balance so that the two things are related yet and do not present themselves as two separate elements, such as was the case in Skyrim?

Dan V á vra: The main story is always waiting for you and you can do so, as in Skyrim, if you do not want to move forward in the history of all the open-world things. But we try to bring the story centered approach of The Witcher or Red Dead Redemption with the open-world aspect of Skyrim.

CB: What are the big battles and sieges work?

Dan V á vra: They serve as a high point in the story, which means there are only a few of them. You are also only one of many that can therefore give no commands. But still the player to see all the things that were part of large battles and sieges that time.

CB: combat systems in RPGs are always a critical component. You've already said you were proud of the combat system. Can you explain this a bit and show us the differences between fighting on horseback, on foot, and so on to explain?

Dan V á vra: The fight on horseback is easier, because you still have to control the horse at the same time. On the other hand, you can use the horse as a weapon need - it has its own attacks. The fight on foot is actually like in any first-person shooter. Your Bewegungnen are totally free, but you're just closer and have a larger goal.

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