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The Banner Saga - Interview @ NoobFeed

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-30 01:40:22

NoobFeed interviews Stioc Studios about their just released RPG The Banner Saga.

Ron: You asked for $100,000 and ended up raising $723,886 from 20,042 backers. It must have been overwhelming to see this much support. What was your initial reaction seeing such growing interest?

Stoic Studio: I think anyone making a game and especially a new IP, even companies who have done it before, are always worried that nobody will actually like the game, or want it. The best thing Kickstarter could do for us at the time is confirm that we were on the right track, and making something that people would care about. That alone got us through the two terrifying years of production where we worked non-stop on something that was incredibly complicated and only really came together near the end. The day our Kickstarter finished was one of the happiest days of my life, and then the fear starts to settle in... but it's a healthy fear. It makes you work hard and not give up.

Ron: Dreaming big: if the funding had surpassed $10,000,000, what else would we see in the game?

Stoic Studio: Ho boy, I'm not sure I'd really want $10m. At some point you start hitting the point of diminishing return, the game takes three times longer to produce, people's expectations start to fly out of control and the amount of quality you can cram into a game starts to become harder and harder... but I know what you're saying. In the spirit of the question, I would have loved to get voiceovers into the game, and we could have had more polish on animations: more animated cutscenes, more combat animations, more enemy varieties, etc. A little more polish associated with big budget games. As it is though, I really couldn't ask for much more

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