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Legends of Eisenwald - Developers Diary #4

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-01 04:17:06

Aterdux Entertainment has posted the fourth Developer Diary for Legends of Eisenwald.


The developers diary #4: What happens next?

We are still busy fixing bugs and debugging. Nicolay is carrying out tasks scheduled on the last week and he is spending all of his free time on visual animation effects.  Dmitry is polishing the map “Trever”. Denis is dealing with inventory. In the next patch players will finally be able to automate sorting of items by it’s usability for each character. And the next patch won’t be limited by only these features.

Future patches

In the following couple of weeks we are going to add some new gaming innovations. Initially we wanted to release one big patch including the map editor but considered all pros and cons and decided to split this update in two parts. We did this to play safe and provide Denis and other testers with ability to ensure that there are no critical errors in the interaction of the game and the map editor or bugs left unfixed.

And it was decided that the next patch, which will be released the next week, should bring a lot of changes and fixes and also new interesting features. The number of awkward gaming moments should be significantly decreased. The second patch will be almost completely related to the map editor and its integration within the game. We had to do a lot to be sure that the editor would interact with the game without any confilcts and offer the ability to use all possible functionality.

What’s going to happen next?

We thought that it would be important to notice here that the following two patches can be one of the few last ones (before game release). After release of editor we’ll make sure that everything works fine for everyone, and then we’ll concentrate on GUI (it’s Dmitry’s responsibility). You can count on that GUI will be re-built from scratch so we have to do a lot of stuff by integration of the interface with existing functionality. Because of such a big change we decided that we won’t release patches with half-new/half-old interface so you can create your own scenarios without any troubles.

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