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Everquest Next - Preview @ Escapist Magazine

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-02 01:05:38

Escapist Magazine previews the Everquest Next Landmark Alpha.

There is a great opportunity here, and SOE seems keen on not wasting it. In a world of ever growing beta testing and crowdfunding platforms giving development voice to future players, SOE has noticed a trend. Players want to make major impact in beta programs, but by then it is effectively too late and can turn into a frustrating experience for everyone involved. With today's launch of Landmark's Alpha phase, dedicated fans of the EverQuest franchise who have pre-ordered the game at the Founders Pack level will be invited into game at a point where feedback still matters, because everything is still subject to change. As was stressed throughout the day, this is not a bug hunt. This is a 20,000 person dev team, where everyone has a chance to stake their claim and make a mark.

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