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Original Sin - Previews

by Myrthos, 2014-02-04 12:19:26

Another set of previews for Divinity: Original Sin.


In its current state, Divinity Original Sin feels a lot like a mid-90s RPG. That’s both good and bad. The freedom to explore the world with which Larian Studios has provided is great, but it also feels like its brought with it many of the negatives of that era: no clear picture of what you’re supposed to be doing exactly, a progression system that doesn’t fully empower the player to tackle greater challenges, and perhaps a bit too much freedom at the start. These negatives aren’t bad in everyone’s book, of course, and this is an alpha so things could change. One thing that is definitely great is the freedom Larian gives to co-op play. Each player is empowered beyond just leveling up their character, he or she can craft that character’s personality and motivations. Player two doesn’t have to play along with everything that player one says and does.

Electric Banana think it's an RTS, but do like it

Divinity: Original Sin holds the potential to become a very exciting game, one that you can immerse yourself in. With a whole host of quests to undertake, characters to meet and buildings to explore, highlights of the alpha version are the beautiful landscapes to encounter, and the funny situations to encounter after failing to sneak into someone’s house, and be confronted with a very disgruntled woman in a bath. Divinity: Original Sin is a game to watch, as it could easily do spectacularly once complete.


Original Sin‘s focus is intended to be a player customized RPG experience and it is pulling it off nicely. There are some rough edges though this is expected considering we’re still in the alpha builds, but everything I’ve seen so far hints at a solid cRPG experience coming. The alpha build itself is 15-20 hours long, and Larian Studio says that’s only 1/3 of the content available.

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