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Bound By Flame - Previews

by Myrthos, 2014-02-04 12:41:45

Here is a collection of previews for Spiders' Bound by Flame.

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In a landscape where heavy hitters like Skyrim and Dragon Age serve as social black holes, it can be hard for the smaller role playing games to get noticed. After all, with our save on Oblivion nearing the 150 hour mark (and that's nothing compared to some people), there's only so much adventuring you can do in-between life's other annoying diversions, like going to work, feeding yourself, and washing. In turn, that means that new kids on the block, like the upcoming Bound by Flame have to work that much harder to get themselves noticed - and while it may not be set to rewrite any rulebooks, this is definitely shaping up to be an entertaining adventure.


This game won't replace the AAA-titles that you all love and enjoy, and Spiders doesn't expect it to. They simply want to tell a story, and they are well aware that they do not have the necessary resources to compete with some of the bigger developers out there. The game is estimated to take around 20 to 25 hours total to complete, but with multiple endings and varying side-quests, you might find yourself replaying this release a few times. This is definitely a game that all you RPG fans will want to keep your eyes on.

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Bound by Flame's concept of physical metamorphosis is an interesting one, underpinned by some promising and robust RPG mechanics. Whether the story can measure up to the game's ideas remains to be seen and the voice acting at present is a bit on the ropey side, but there's certainly plenty of potential here. If nothing else, Bound by Flame could be the perfect stop gap before Dragon Age: Inquisition comes along, since Spiders' game seems to share a great deal of its DNA with BioWare's fantasy opus. That's no bad thing, we think you'll agree.


If you’re expecting an RPG experience to rival that of The Witcher 3, you will be surely disappointed. Spiders is more focused on on creating a story-driven experience that will resonate with players rather than creating a massive game.

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