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Mass Effect 3 - Editorial @ Press Start To Begin

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-05 00:43:42

Press Start To Begin has a new article with their opinion on Bioware's artistic integrity.

Mass Effect 3′s ending caused an uproar among a vocal section of fans. They tried to appeal to BioWare, explaining why the ending did not work. Many of their attempts were incredibly creative, not only designed to capture BioWare’s attention with unique messages, but also to try to gain widespread attention to what was going on. BioWare dug in their heels, saying that they didn’t have to change the ending because of artistic integrity. In other words, Mass Effect 3 is art, and one does not tell artists how to make their art. An artist only has to be true to their own vision. The moment the artist is not true to that vision, the work of art is no longer authentic and becomes something else.

To be honest, this argument never sat well with me. I was never convinced video games were art or should be considered art. But more than that, the claim felt out of place. BioWare was using the term incorrectly. Let me explain why.

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