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Original Sin - more Previews

by Myrthos, 2014-02-05 12:23:49

Here are some more previews for Divinity: Orginal Sin.

The preview at The Analog Stick comes with Larian's seal of approval.

Stepping away from combat, each NPC in Original Sin has an opinion of you. Their thoughts on you are presented on-screen via the Attitude Meter. Accuse someone of something they didn’t (or did) do? They’ll probably like you a bit less for it. Get caught stealing in the market? People will not only think less of you for it, but they’ll (according to the game’s Kickstarter page, anyway) start spreading the word of your wrong-doings to other people in the city. On the other hand, people will think more of you for doing good deeds.

Jesse Cox has his fourth video up already.

The reviewer at 411Mania feels he should give these suggestions for improvement:

I'm going to make two suggestions to the developers (if they read this), or to those people who might try it out. The gold system, at present, appears highly broken. You can trade with almost everyone you meet, but almost none of them have gold. Even if you find someone with gold, like a merchant, the system in place is awkward to use. You offer an item up, and a number goes above it. But you have to manually click on a weight scale to add in the gold from a NPC to match the number. I think there is a system in place that is supposed to be a barter mechanic, like selling an item above its cost if your skill is high enough, but the first few times, it confused the hell out of me, as I was selling items for what I thought was gold, but really wasn't, due to the initial price number.

The other light suggestion would be that they either increase the running speed of the characters, or mildly scale down the first town. The town itself feels massive for some reason, but also kind of cavernous, since not a lot of it can be interacted with at present. This is partly a map issue as well, since aside from doors, it tells you practically nothing, aside from a disappearing quest indicator. I did unlock a character with a fun "Jump up and jump down in a different place" ability, that I could use to break into houses, so that was pretty enjoyable

Another video preview you could watch has been made by Flik.


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