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Dark Souls II - Preview @ Strategy Informer

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-06 00:51:47

Well no batch of news for Dark Souls II today just one preview from Strategy Informer.

I came away from Dark Souls 2 with the definite sense that this is a refinement rather than a radical change in direction. Which is absolutely fine of course, but if you remained unswayed by the original I doubt you'll be convinced anew, even with the grudging steps toward accessibility. The beginning of the game, aside from the new setting, feels very similar. Enemies are the same mix of vulnerable but offensively dangerous footsoldiers and the occasional elite, with the same tricks to avoid. This roster will almost certainly change as you travel to more exotic locations, but certainly for the first hour or so there's a feeling of deja vu in both level design and enemy placement as you inch your way through the opening areas, despite the slightly glossier and more colourful visuals. Will that matter to hardcore fans pining for another 100 hours or so of content? Probably not, but I'd wager that even for them the sense of wonder and excitement will be diminished a second time around.

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