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Grim Dawn - Of Bugs & Features

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-06 01:10:44

Crate Entertainment has new update on the Grim Dawn forums.

Of Bugs and Features

As you may have heard, we tried to do another livestream. As you also may have heard, it was a disaster as my computer rebelled against me. I believe I have the situation resolved now, so we will schedule another livestream in the near future. In the meantime, Gibly has compiled the good bits of the stream. You can check it out here.

Act 2 is still being heavily iterated upon based on feedback and bug reports we had received from the playtesters. This includes fixing quest bugs so they don't destroy your characters, balancing out the damage spikes and unfair combat situations, but it also includes some new features coming your way! Many of these are things you guys have been asking about for a while.

Some of these include:

  • A codex page in the quest log which tracks any notes you’ve acquired: you can re-read any notes you find at any time without the need to store them in your inventory or stash.
  • World item comparison tooltips: by holding ‘Alt’ you can immediately compare an item on the ground to whatever you have equipped.
  • ’move’ and ‘force move’ keybindings have been added: you can now move around while ignoring enemies or interactive objects while using these new functions.
  • Components can now be combined even if you do not meet the level requirements.
  • Personal riftgates can now be opened without the confirmation prompt.
  • And more…

We're planning to roll out crafting next after Act 2. It is mostly working but we need to go back and add-in a rescue quest for the blacksmith to Act 1 and we want to get more recipes in.

Beyond these technical improvements, we are also improving drop rates from bosses and hero monsters, as well as increasing the frequency at which you will find hero monsters spawning. Exploring and finding these hero spawns should feel considerably more rewarding. In addition, to alleviate the issue with huge item tooltips, some rare affixes have been adjusted so that you cannot generate double skill-procs on one item. To accommodate this, 7 new rare affixes have been added to the game.

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