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Bound By Flame - Meet Rhelmar The Ranger

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-06 01:40:53

Spiders has released more information for Bound By Flame introducing us to another companion called Rhelmar the Ranger.

Rhelmar, your ranger companion in Bound by Flame

Rhelmar is an Elf with his own sense of justice. Alas, it rarely fits the definition the rest of the world gives to ‘justice’!

A former outlaw, Rhelmar rejects the Elves’ neutral state in the ongoing conflict, and takes and active part in the fight against the Deadarmy.

Considered a pariah amongst his people, Rhelmar is determined to act as he feels right, even if it implies risking his own life.

On the battlefield, he’s an elite archer who can inflict lethal damage to his opponents from range… but he is also more than able with a dagger, when close range fights are inevitable.

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