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The Memory of Eldurim - Early Access Release

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-07 01:04:35

Liminal Games has a new website and blog for The Memory of Eldurim. Along with this update we get news on the Early Access release.

Wrapping things up for release

Our game is getting very close to our Early Access release. We are putting a few final touches on to make sure everything is ready for when we go live.

Even if you’ve played the latest version of the demo you’ll still be in for a treat. We’ve added in a lot of new features to the game and many, many changes to the map.

And the latest update has the release date.

We are excited to announce the release date for The Memory of Eldurîm on steam early access will be this Friday. We hope you enjoy.

I also have a new video and some game details.


Terms like "Action RPG" and "Open world" get thrown around a lot these days, so let's be a bit more specific. The Memory of Eldurim is a 3rd/1st person game where you control a character that lives in an unique fantasy world.

The combat is fast paced. You'll have to time your attacks, blocks, and dodges for maximum effectiveness. From the first second you get in the game you are able to go to any part of the game, granted you are strong enough to take on the enemies that reside there.

There will be large cites and small towns, enchanting forests and icy mountain tops, there will be deserts, swamps, jungles, and any of the other biomes we can create.

The game will reward you for your attention to which weapons and spells are strong and effective against which armor and composition types. Certain enemies will be easy with the right load-out but nearly impossible when approached unwisely.

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Memory of Eldurim

SP/MP: Single-player
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