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Blackguards - Review Roundup

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-08 00:27:34

Time for another round of reviews for Daedalic Entertainment's Blackguards.

Gaminglives - 7/10

Blackguards is a good game. It has got some very enjoyable moments, there is plenty to experience and you can sink plenty of hours into its world. Equally, I can’t ignore its shortcomings, in the form of some truly frustrating combat, and lacklustre graphics and sound. I can recommend Blackguards; just make sure you come ready for a fight and with an extra calm spell.

Den of Geek - 6.2/10

In the end, Blackguards is a strange, boring beast of a game. While the unique turn-based battle system sometimes allows the game to shine through its creative and strategic setups, it’s hard not to get the feeling that this is just a wannabe adventure game wearing an RPG’s clothes that just don’t quite fit right

Pixeljudge - 3.5/5

Blackguards is probably a guaranteed hit for Dark Eye fans. For everyone else, I'd advise a little caution as the game has its snags. But if you can't wait for another AAA release and don't have anything to play now, you could do much worse. Much, much worse.

Hardcore Gamer - 2.5/5

Though I feel incapable of giving Blackguards the fair shake it would get with fresh eyes, that’s ultimately nobody’s fault but the developer’s. Early access works for emergent play – games like Rust and Starbound where no play session is the same and every update changes the dynamics – but it’s ill-suited to more linear, directed experiences.

GamePlanet - 7.5/10

Blackguards is a strong RPG with top-notch tactical combat that's let down by some needless complexity and less-than-convincing voice-acting.

RPGamer - 2.5/5

Blackguards is a fairly decent first go, and fills up the roughly forty hours it takes to complete, including most side quests, quite nicely. However, there are several areas that could see significant improvement, particularly when it comes to building the world and story, and the very sub-standard ending leaves a feeling of untapped potential and a game that isn't as complete an experience as it could've been. On the whole, it's certainly a passable first effort but still quite rough around the edges.

And for last I have a video review from PCGMedia that gives the game a 59/100.

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