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Frontiers - January Development Update

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-09 02:41:04

Lars Simkins posted a new January Development Update for Frontiers.

Gameplay Footage!

I know you've all been waiting to see more of the game in action so I'll get right to it. Here's a quick video of our character creation system, plus a glimpse of the prologue sequence. (Note: all the standard disclaimers apply - still in alpha, still has glitches, etc.) Enjoy.

We also get news of a new hire to work on the multiplayer

We have a multiplayer programmer

Remember how annoyed I was about our lack of a multiplayer programmer in my last update? Well Matthew Davey has joined the team and he's working hard to turn that frown upside-down. He's chipping away at a multiplayer implementation and making good progress. In fact if he keeps moving at this pace we may see multiplayer *mostly* finished within a month. (I'm as surprised as you are.) Huzzah!

I have more news but I'm going to save it for the next Doom Ray Special bit that's coming up - I expect Kyle and I will go over Steam Dev Days (including my experience of Valve's VR demo) and a ton of other fun stuff. Once that's online I'll post another update.

In the meantime keep submitting your Botanist / Building / NPC / etc. kits because I'm having a blast reading them - the Building kits in particular are a lot of fun.

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