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Darkest Dungeon - House of Ruin Music Video

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-10 01:23:09

Red Hook Studios released a new music video for Darkest Dungeon in preparation for the games Kickstarter that should be live in one more day.

 As you know, big week ahead for Darkest Dungeon. Kickstarting tomorrow (Feb 10th, 9am PST) and HOUSE OF RUIN trailer will be available on an awesome website to be announced tomorrow. Then, HOUSE OF RUIN will be in wide-release on Tuesday. HOUSE OF RUIN is a mixture of story and background together with the first official gameplay footage mixed in. But HERE, today, is the House of Ruin score, by the amazing Stuart Chatwood. Listen...and imagine the horrors you will soon see!

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