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Dungeonforge - Update# 5, Dedicated Servers

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-11 06:12:32

Collective Dream Studios talks about Dedicated Servers in a new Dungeonforge update.

Dedicated Servers

In addition to LAN support, Dungeonforge will feature dedicated servers for those wishing to host their own, entirely self-contained gameworlds online and allow friends to play and create content therein.  Loot, characters, lore and even the gameworld itself can all be uniquely tweaked or replaced entirely on dedicated servers for an experience that's as unique as you want it to be.

Administrators will have a full suite of moderation tools including the ability to choose who on the server may create content, approve content to appear in the gameworld or block content from appearing at all.

Dedicated servers may be set to private for only certain people to access so you and your adventuring buddies can enjoy your content together, or can be made public so that the world can enjoy the world you're creating.

Dedicated servers are entirely self-contained and separate from other content. Characters created and loot obtained on a dedicated server stay on that server.

Dedicated servers give players even more far-reaching control over their unique experience in Dungeonforge. We're beyond excited to see where creative and imaginative people take this!

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