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Mage's Initiation - Post-Funding Update #34

by Myrthos, 2014-02-11 12:18:04

The Himalaya team let us know through a Kickstarter update that Mage's Initiation will be available on Steam.

After a long, tedious process of what frequently felt like nailing jello to the wall, we have finally emerged victorious on Greenlight after accruing a so-called critical mass of "yes" votes. We can now excitedly say that the game will be available on Valve's Steam platform upon release! This means we'll now be able to offer all of our lovely Kickstarter backers Steam keys. Getting Mage's Initiation onto Steam has been an important step for us and this news has given us a great surge of motivation to power ahead with development and make the game as good as it can possibly be (not that we wouldn't already, but you get the idea!).

In addition there is also a development update

Much development work has been taking place since the January Summit Meeting ended one month ago. During that time, we've managed to get the entire Act 1 (of 4) fully playable with 99.7% of the art, music, and programming assets implemented -- and we're now making great strides to having Act 2 finished up by the end of February. The second act is already fairly well-integrated, so with luck, we may even be able to get an early start on Act 3. Here's hoping! The work schedule has been pretty intense with Chris working through all hours of the day and night, tying all the code and assets together, while Jason provides code stability updates to various game systems, and Daniel is constantly on-hand tweaking puzzles, dialogs, and game texts. The rest of the team is simultaneously pitching in with art, music, and animation assets as required. Daniel and Chris have also had more than a few healthy/heated design debates about various puzzles and implementations, while Shane recently finished the last of the backer sprites. Things are looking good in the land of Iginor!

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