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Fury - Hands-On @ IGN

by Dhruin, 2006-11-03 21:13:01

IGN continues their flurry of MMOG features with a hands-on preview of Fury:

It's a simple enough concept - a better version of Battlegrounds with the speed of Counter-Strike and the ethics of Guild Wars. However, diving deeper during IGN's exclusive hands-on with the latest build shows that the underlying gameplay is deceptively deep.

There are no class systems in Fury - instead, as Lead Game Designer Adam Carpenter explained, the world and inhabitants of Fury are ruled by 4 underlying 'schools' - Life, Death, Growth and Decay. In basic terms, these are the Heaven, Hell and middle-worlds of the game, and players can choose to align themselves with as few or as many of these schools as they please, as each region battles for superiority.

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