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Original Sin - Larian Helps Fan Propose

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-14 03:19:55

Since its Valentines day here is news about Larian, and how they helped a fan propose to his girlfriend in the Divinity: Original Sin Alpha.

When Daniel learned that one of his girlfriend's favorite game developers produced a game in which you can create your own stories to play with friends, he hatched a brilliant plan to win her heart...

You can imagine that we never expected to become a wedding agency when we started developing Divinity: Original Sin, yet that's exactly what's happened.

As we've been developing Divinity:Original Sin we've already played host to several proposals via the game's cooperative dialog system and we have a backlog of prospective husbands and wives looking to surprise their future better halves with unforgettable in-game proposals.

Divinity:Original Sin will release with a game editor so we can't wait to see what creative custom campaigns hopeful lovers will make to impress their beloveds.

Thank you to Daniel and Dolores for allowing us to share this moment with you.

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