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Two Worlds - Interview @ GamingTarget

by Dhruin, 2006-11-03 21:15:39

GamingTarget let us know they have an interview with Miroslaw Dymek from Reality Pump on Two Worlds:

GT: Please give us a sense for the level of freedom that players will enjoy throughout their time in Two Worlds. How much work has gone into placing as few “invisible walls” (un-killable characters, impassable doors, etc.) in the player's way as possible?

Miroslaw Dymek: Two Worlds is a fantasy role-playing game with a huge focus on combat, but the story and free roaming are also strongly highlighted. What we try to achieve is to place the action in well-known settings and season it with unexpected story twists to keep the player interested. There is a good amount of places to go and explore. Most of them are completely optional if you only follow the main story, but to learn about the world, its past, mysteries, and maybe even to solve some of those mysteries, the player will have to seek for answers in places tucked away far from the main path. Needless to say, curiosity will be appropriately rewarded.

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