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Darkest Dungeon - Update# 3, Stretch Goal

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-14 04:02:16

Two days into the kickstarter for Darkest Dungeon, and Red Hook Studios has an third update. The game has reached another stretch goal, and with more on the way.

YASGC - Yet Another Stretch Goal CRUSHED!

Thanks to your generosity, we have bloodied another Stretch Goal!

RELEASE THE HOUNDS! Wait, that was yesterday.

RELEASE THE (enhanced) TOWN! Yes, that's right!

The Hamlet has always been a critical part of the game, but our minimum scope plan for town had a smaller number of possible activities and some of the buildings we wanted to do had to be put on the Wish List. But now, thanks to hitting the $150k target, we are enhancing the things you can do in town!


  • We're committing to a third activity in the Abbey (FLAGELLATION) and also a third activity in the Tavern (BROTHEL). Hey - who are we to say what floats a hero's boat and reduces their stress level?
  • We're separating the Camping Skill trainer from the Combat Skill trainer. We had grouped these together for efficiency, but now we can draw a bit more and implement them separately! Better looking town! 
  • AND, we're adding a building that we have really been wanting to do but had on the Wish/DLC list: the NOMAD'S WAGON. The Nomad's Wagon is a shop where special equippable trinkets can be purchased. Some of these trinkets can be found through adventuring, but why trust luck when you can slip a few (hundred or thousand) gold pieces to the crafty Nomad and get it now?

That GameTrailers Interview

In case you missed it yesterday, GameTrailers posted an interview with Chris (Creative Director) and Tyler (Designer). In it, we discuss, combat, town, and other parts of the game in detail: http://www.gametrailers.com/videos/p08bxe/darkest-dungeon-the-minds-behind-the-madness

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