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Legends of Eisenwald - Development Diary #6

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-15 06:15:35

Aterdux Entertainment has posted the sixth Developer Diary for Legends of Eisenwald.

Developers diares #6: Game Editor

Our next patch will add map editor support and today we’ll tell you about it.

Event programming

The hardest part about editor which one would have to study is programming of gaming events. But don’t despair! For event programming you never will need to study programming languages because editor won’t force you to code. You just need some patience.

Editor uses event list where every event has its own condition list. For event to occure a condition should be met. You have to add event result selection options and fill event impact list for every possible result. Sounds hard?

But it’s not, you just have not to get lost in event list and you just have to know what do you want from scenario — it will help. Event programming is put into single window which you can find here: “Quest-Customizing events”. On the one hand in event settings you’ll find treelike event structures and on the other hand event content where you can add different features describing it (in pop-up menus). We’ve added useful editor feature which helps to distinguish one scenario tree from another — now you can mark events by specific color and icon.

Mods system

There will be Mods directory in the game home folder; all modification created by users will be stored in specific folder: characters and items settings files, user-created scenarios, additional objects for gaming map, characters models and animation.

You also will be able to use third-party objects in the game. For it’s using in editor you should add necessary objects into your mod resource folders (Eisenwald\Mods\ModName\Landscape), software will find it and provide you with opportunity to use it for your creative ideas.

Player will have a choice option after starting a launcher — he/she can use modification or original campaign. Then player can launch a game. Files from selected mod folder will be loaded at the first and if they won’t be here, campaign files will be loaded. You can’t corrupt main game files or another mod editing your mod in it’s own folder. The only problem can appear when you want to merge some mods together — you’ll have to manually unite characters and items files.

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