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StarCrawlers - Update#3, Happy Valentine's Day

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-15 06:32:32

Juggernaut Games wishes you all a Happy Valentine's Day in the games latest update.

Happy Valentine's Day from StarCrawlers & Juggernaut Games

Knit Plop is a custom made 100% hand knit snuggle-ready cuddle machine, and he wants you to make him your Valentine. To celebrate love and StarCrawlers, we're excited to add a special STARCROSSED LOVER tier (only 21 available!) to get a custom Knit Plop of your own. Here's the Knit Plop prototype without his romance module at half strength:


  • Knit Plop prototype - please note actual product will vary!
Knit Plop likes long strolls through derelict spacehulks, decimating unwary Crawlers, and snuggling.

Happy Valentine's Day from StarCrawlers & Juggernaut Games!

Well it's more of an avertisement really.

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