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Elder Scrolls Online - Preview Roundup

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-16 04:55:02

I managed to roundup a few more previews based on the beta of Elder Scrolls Online.


What I’ve played indicates that The Elder Scrolls Online is a competent MMO in all the usual ways, taking few risks with design and instead just offering a few twists on the standard MMO template. But I’ve seen no indications that it’s a particularly good MMO, nor is it – lore aside – particularly Elder Scrolls-y. I’m bored with it already, and that’s not a good sign.


The Elder Scrolls Online is homage, not a proper entry in the franchise. It is not another world in which we can live another life. It is another MMO. Set your expectations accordingly.

VG 24/7

Many of my complaints regarding The Elder Scrolls Online’s PvE questing stand firm here, and I still feel that the visuals leave much to be desired, the wonky animation, clumsy UI decisions and odd quirks would have felt ‘quaint’ in a boxed Bethesda release. But here; in a game that must be bought for a fee then subscribed to per month, you, the paying customer deserve a better class of MMO.


I see a lot of changes taking place in Cyrodiil in the coming months as Zenimax tries to adjust the system to be easier and more attractive. For now though, even though I’ll have a mount for all my characters I’ll be staying clear of Cyrodiil. It doesn’t live up to any expectations I had and all the concerns I had about it before I ever even looked at it came true. But I know my view won’t be one agreed on By everyone.


I can say that if you are an RPG fan and you are looking for a new MMO you need to give it a chance. I read a lot of first impressions lately and I came to the conclusion that all the “bad” opinions came from the people that expected a Co-op Skyrim. This game wasn’t created to be a multiplayer version of a single player RPG, it was created to be an MMO.

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