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JA: Back in Action - Mac & Linux Released

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-16 04:59:31

Steam announces the Mac & Linux versions of Jagged Alliance: Back in Action is now available for 25% off. If you bought the game already both are free. Here are the details.

We are proud to announce that Jagged Alliance: Back in Action is now also available for MAC and Linux platforms. Ported by Bigmoon Studios using Unity engine, the game will now let you free Arulco on OSX and Ubuntu just as well as on Windows. The best thing about it: Everyone that already owns Jagged Alliance: Back in Action on Windows will automatically get access to the two new versions as well. Just log in to your Steam account on your MAC or Linux system, download the game and start playing! New customers will also automatically get all three versions.

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JA: Back in Action

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