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Unrest - Interview @ IGN

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-16 05:04:06

IGN interviews Pyrodactyl Games Arvind Raja Yadav about his RPG Unrest.

How far into development is Unrest?
At this point, we’ve finished about 25% of development. The game is divided into eight chapters, out of which, two are finished.
Eight chapters divided among four characters, right?
There are actually five characters now, which we were able to add thanks to the successful Kickstarter campaign.
Judging from the screenshots available on the homepage, the art style seems to have improved quite a bit from the original concept art you had posted during the Kickstarter campaign. Was it because of the successful funding?
Yeah. Improving the art style is just a matter of improving the budget. Kickstarter allowed us to improve on it quite a bit.

How will the game control when it’s playable? Will it be completely mouse-based or WASD?

It’s currently for WASD, with mouse for the interface, but we’re planning to add alternative control schemes. Right now, it’s halfway playable with an Xbox 360 controller. You can navigate using a controller just fine, but right now, the menus need a mouse to be navigable. Menus need to be very different for controllers and for a mouse-keyboard setup.
Do you have a release date?
Right now, we’re shooting for a May 2014 release. That might change depending on how the development goes, though. We haven’t seen any need to push the date back right now

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