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Dead State - Kickstarter Updates# 39 & 40

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-16 05:30:21

DoubleBear Productions has two new updates about the Early Access of Dead State.

Update #39 - Codes Going Out - Check Spam Folders

Codes are on their way out starting right now. Please check your spam folder if the email doesn't appear in the next few hours. 

If you have any problems after a day or so, please let us know - we'll get you a code. Sorry for the delay and remember to check the forum if you have questions or issues with the build. Remember it is Early Access, it helps us a lot to fix problems if you report bugs or other issues you are having.

Update #40 - Update on Commonly Asked Questions

As you can imagine, we've been a bit overwhelmed with messages here, email, on social media, and a post-it on my car. We're working as quickly as we can to resolve issues. Instead of emailing everyone individually, here's some common answers:

I did not receive a key

I know it's been said, but the majority of users had these go to spam folders. If you a spam/junk/trash folder, please check and re-check it. A large percentage of people didn't look there and found it when they did. Additionally - make sure the email account attached to KS is correct or that you're checking the right account.

It's not in my spam folder

Check every folder. If it's still not there, and you are a KS backer, message us here. If you're a pre-order backer, read on.

I backed at a level with multiple keys

We're taking care of these as quickly as we can too. We had to request additional keys.

I pre-ordered the game and have no key

Read carefully - I found out that I need to send these out manually, so please go to our forums and read the thread about BMT pre-orders and how to activate them. If you want a Steam key and pre-ordered, I can resend that info, but I need some info from you on the forum.

I have game feedback or technical issues.

Please don't leave it in the comments - we have a sub-forum devoted to the First Seven Days and many of the bugs, issues, or questions have received developer replies there. There is also a Known Issues thread with info on features that will be added during the Beta process.

We're incredibly in debt to all of you for getting this far, although there's only so many people we can get to at once given the size of our team. Hopefully, we'll have all these issues sorted out for you by the end of today, although it may take a few more days. Hang in there - we will sort this out!

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