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Might & Magic X - Post-launch Patch Details

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-16 05:35:21

Limbic Entertainment has a post about the upcoming patch for Might & Magic X.

Details about: Post-launch Patch 1

Don’t give way to despair! The patch is on its way and will arrive on the 2nd half of February (exact date to be confirmed as soon as possible!). Among other things, it will include:

-    Three new dungeons (including the Community Dungeon you created: we have 2 special guests on our Credits now!). We will give you more information about them within the next days but to give you a small insight: two of them will be available for everybody & the last one is exclusively for deluxe buyers!

-  Improved performance & clearer texture quality setting (you can expect some improvement on open world but we will continue to work on this point along next patches too)

-  Reduction of save corruption risks (we are still working on it, however we recommend you to delete existing ones and disable Uplay Saves Sync if you experienced this issue)
-  16/10 resolution is now officially supported by the game
-  Fixed modding kit for the final version of the game
-  Spirit Beacon bug is now fixed; invisible enemy won’t haunt you anymore! (You can no longer use it in dungeon or with close enemies)
-  Numerous additional bug fixes & balancing (many of them reported by the community)

Please check the list at the end of this article for detailed information about the patch. Also, we're still working on a Mac version of the game. It still needs to be tested and optimized and we hope we can deliver it within the first half of 2014.

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