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Darkest Dungeon - Update# 5, Heroes Unlocked

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-16 05:43:08

Red Hook Studios has posted the fifth update for Darkest Dungeon with information about on new heroes, official trailer script,and a new art liveStream.

New Heroes Unlocked: BRAINS & BRAWN!

Thanks to all of your incredible support, we've unlocked two new classes! We can't believe we're here after only 5 full days of the campaign!


Some have always felt the twinge of knowledge just out of sight, and mysteries beyond what the uneducated eye can see. The Occultist has made a career of studying arcane, black arts. No text is too weird; no base carving too inscrutable, and no gnawed bone too insignificant for the Occultist. His devotion to powers inhuman and energies cosmic have given him...disturbing...abilities to employ both in combat and around the campfire.


A veteran steeled by many a campaign, he's a tough all-around fighter. Attack, defence, versatility--he knows his way around a battle, with few weaknesses. Accordingly, he can anchor any party. His dedication to a lifetime of martial arts means he can spend time while camping to prepare himself for optimal performance in the upcoming fights. Nobody is better prepared than a professional soldier.

Check out the whole GameTrailers feature where we talk about the HELLION and other classes HERE:


Official Trailer Scripts - Help Translate and Subtitle?

Do you have Camping Skills that include "Know Another Language" or "Video Editor"? If so, we'd love your help!

Here is a link is for a PDF that has the trailer scripts (dialogue only).

We know Darkest Dungeon already has fans who speak other languages, but we also know there are even more potential fans out there.

Feel free to take these scripts, translate and subtitle our videos, and spread them around! Just make sure to credit us (videos Copyright Red Hook Studios Inc.). And even better - annotate the videos with links to our Kickstarter Campaign and/or our Website (www.darkestdungeon.com).

Forum Avatars Coming Soon, LiveStream Class Drawing Tuesday

Just a quick heads up on two things:

  • Chris is working on some forum avatars for your favorite Interweb haunts. When people see your fly graphics, you can tell them where it came from: the Darkest Dungeon Kickstarter campaign!
  • Chris will be streaming himself drawing an unnaounced Class Wallpaper this upcoming Tuesday (February 18th). It will be the evening PST time. We will confirm exact time before then.

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