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The Banner Saga - Review @ RPGamer

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-17 04:37:54

RPGamer reviewed The Banner Saga and gave the game a final score of 4/5.

Stoic Studios have set themselves up with a difficult act to follow. The Banner Saga is a rare game that forces its player to think and feel, often in delightful opposition. Its subsystems combine to support the narrative of desperate heroism, hard choices, and survival. Like the doomed giants who fight its battles, The Banner Saga is powerful, thoughtful, and worthwhile. Recapturing this winning combination is going to be risky. When a game is so precariously excellent, a wiggle either way in the sequel could spoil the formula that made the first so magical. Regardless of whether future installments stand or fall, The Banner Saga has done its duty. It may not always give gamers what they want, but it gives them what they need: challenging questions, tactical gameplay, and a strong, fully realized atmosphere.

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