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Kingdom Come - Update# 17, Consoles

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-18 05:52:00

Warhorse Studios talks about the console release of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and reveals the one million stretch goal. Here are the details.

Coming to Consoles!

This is going to be a brief but very important update. We originally announced our game for PC and next gen console. While we never doubted our technical ability to do it, we were not sure about the actual publishing and distribution. In the last console generation, it just wasn’t possible to have a game on console without an official publisher.

In this generation it’s going to be different though. We had lot of discussion with both Microsoft and Sony in the past weeks and we are happy to announce that the game concept of Kingdom Come: Deliverance was approved by both Sony and Microsoft for the next gen platform (PS4 and Xbox One).

Both companies are very eager to work with independent developers now and were really helpful in speeding up the whole process. We were provided with devkits and will get cracking on the console version right away.

And lets not forget the one million stretch goal.

About that stretch goal

It seems there is a possibility we will reach the magical 1 million threshold. This is great, but also tricky, because we need to announce a new stretch goal. It should be something special, something that wasn’t planned and something we really want to do.

At the same time, we still should be able to implement it within the limits of our budget that is, honestly, even with the great support from Kickstarter backers, still very tight, because our game is much more expensive than one million pounds.

We thought about it a lot and we all agreed that we would love to have dog in the game as a companion. Best friend who will follow you everywhere, help you in combat, warn you from danger when you sleep or go hunting with you. If we reach this goal, there will be dogs in the game and you will be able to own one. There will also most likely be dog related quests.

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