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Kingdom Come - Update# 20, The Last 24 Hours

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-20 05:25:46

The kickstarter for Kingdom Come: Deliverance is almost over, and what a run it was. The game has managed to reach £1,000,000 so we now have dogs added to the game.

 Here is the last update with more information.

Unto the last 24 hours!

We are now about to enter the final stretch: the last 24 hours of our campaign. It was a great ride and we want to THANK YOU for taking us along! We’ve received more than 17k comments, 3k personal messages, 5k likes, and most importantly tons and tons of positive support. You are the ones who made this game possible! 

It now looks like we are going to burst through the £1m (about US$1.67m) stretch goal and who knows how far we can get before the last whistle. For this last surge we wanted to introduce one last stretch goal. We wanted to add something that makes the game better for all players and something that makes the game special. Our £700k pounds stretch goal was ‘Performance Capture’ and we decided to build on this.

A performance capture is as good as the actors that use it, and in fact many people have already asked which actors might get involved – talent like Sean Bean, Brian Blessed and even John Cleese are often mentioned. We love Sean Bean, especially because of his less known indie medieval movie Black Death, and Brian Blessed was in Dan’s mind when he was writing one of the nobles for the game. Obviously we share these sentiments with our supporters!

We already started talking to different talent agencies and we have a rough idea how much we would need to hire our favorite actors. So, we’re confident that IF we reach our next stretch goal (£1.2m), we will be able to hire at least one high profile actor or actress. In the game, you’d be able to not only hear their voice, but also see their likeness and their acting abilities (thanks to performance capture).


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