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Shining Empire - Kickstarter Relaunched

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-21 04:14:30

Arcade County has relaunched their kickstarter for Shining Empire, and sent out a new press release with more information.

Shining Force Online developer takes to Kickstarter (again)

Arcade County, developers of Shining Force Online (which Sega closed the doors to in December) have been hard at work at a spiritual successor to the popular classic  Sega Genesis series:. A Kickstarter campaign ran in January for the newly titled "Shining Empire", but was unsuccessful mostly due to no gameplay footage and a very  confusing design explanation. Fear not! We're back with 4 gameplay videosand a better description of what the game is. CEO R. Mulvany goes into details on a Livewire  interview where he explains what's happening with this title.

"I got a lot of emails from people begging me to not make it an MMO. It wasn't, but people got confused. They knew that I've pretty much just been making MMO's for  the past decade so they assume this would also be. We really needed some gameplay footage, so I grinded away for a few weeks and came up with some pretty detailed  videos which should better explain what kind of game this is."

The videos are available on the Kickstarter page as well as an updated explanation of what kind of game Shining Empire is. Mulvany wants to reiterate that it's not  an MMO every chance he gets.

"It's single player! I promise! It's funny how much people seem to dislike MMO's. I'm with them. I wanted to do something different with Shining Force Online but you  get stuck in these traps where you just end up doing what everyone else did. There are some serious design flaws with MMO's that we can't escape. The only way to  break the taboos is to stop making these games. So this is a complete 180 from where we were with Shining Force Online. it begins with building your own fantasy  city. That's what these videos really cover. It's sort of a mash-up of Viva Pinata, Sim City 2000, and Roller Coaster Tycoon. The difference with our game is you can  leave your land and explore the same as you can in any adventure game. It's not JUST a city builder."

Shining Empire aims to be a massive game. The true goal is to make a game that cannot be completed in under 100+ hours. However, the player gets to (in part) decide  what they consider the "end game."

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