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The Banner Saga - Inteview @ Gamasutra

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-21 04:24:01

Gamasutra interviews Stoic Co-Founder & Artist Alex Thomas to talk about The Banner Saga, and why kickstarter is important for indie developers.

How do you feel about the current state of the indie scene?

In my opinion, the indie scene has never been better. And please, keep in mind this is all my personal opinion and hell, I could be way wrong.

The games industry really has an interesting relationship with publishers. And yes, a publisher can take things too far trying to maximize their short-term profits, burning out developers and players with creatively stifled sequels, etc. But in the bigger picture, publishers aren't really the problem. They're not "forcing" anything on the public -- quite to the contrary they spend all their time, money and effort trying to figure out exactly what the public wants. That's no easy task, but the unfortunate truth is that the more successful a publisher is the better they are at giving people what they want. It's the same with the film industry. Tired of seeing the same dumbed-down, repetitive drek? You have to stop buying it, and convince everyone else to stop too. It's the democratization of entertainment, and in most cases the majority wins.

In my opinion what's great about this point in time is that indie devs can make a damn good living for themselves with all the creative freedom in the world, and AAA publishers can look at those successes and make something like it with a multi-million dollar budget. I can't say whether Everquest Next is going to be a huge success but I'm really hoping that it turns out great. That game would have never happened without Minecraft.

Kickstarter is an extraordinary tool for making bigger and better original games. In my opinion the only thing that's going to hold back Kickstarter is the backers themselves, who moan and threaten to sue every project that doesn't do exactly what they expected, or projects that don't pan out.

That's going to happen, it's part of the risk. It happens to publishers all the time. The value, in my opinion, isn't in getting "that one game" you wanted, but elevating the entire games industry. You gotta have a long view of the whole process.

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