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Cradle - Interview @ Leviathyn

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-21 04:48:32

Leviathyn had the chance to interview Mojo Game Studios about Cradle, and talked about gameplay, story, and progression.

We know that the current gods of Anora aren’t your greatest friends; the player starts off being hunted by a god of hunger. But how big of a role will the Five Gods of Anora play in the plot? Are they some nebulous bad guys or tangible enemies players will eventually have to defeat?

As far as the role the Five play in the plot, you could either say they play an extensive role, or a minimized one. The Gods don’t have physical manifestations to be conquered; so in this way, their role is small. On the other hand, the threat of living outside of their favor is tangible, real, and omnipresent. After all, we see what Ostia does to an entire forest in the pursuit of you, a single heretic! There are many ways you will fight the power of the Gods, and their influence over the world is felt even though you never confront the Gods directly.

While more difficult to judge without a leveling system as a ruler, how quickly would you say that players progress to new weapons? And how does that transfer to where a player is able to go once he/she starts Aderyn’s Cradle?

Character progression is heavily linked to exploration, so players who prefer not to explore will end up weaker. However, your progression through the game occurs independently of your character progression, and we do not use a leveling system. In short, no, it is not possible to advance your character without exploration; but you do not need to progress your character to complete the story.

Let’s say, for example, there is a powerful enemy to conquer in order to reach a new area in the story. You can confront your enemy right then, compensating for your weaknesses with skill and some very well-planned moves. On the other hand, you can choose to back off, exploring the land and harnessing its resources. The more of the world you exploit, the more powerful you will become. The same enemy you would have had to gruel through a punishing battle (and a few rounds of trial and error) with before, will be more easily overpowered. The choice is with the player.

To be clear, players also receive upgrades and rewards for progressing through the story alone, with no exploration. However, these yield only a bare-minimum power increase compared with what can be harnessed through exploration and side quests.

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